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Canada Fund for Local Initiatives 2014-2015 program

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Canada Fund for Local Initiatives 2014-2015 program was successfully completed contributing grants of CND$134,225.30 to the total number of ten projects this year. Canadian Government is honoured to support the local initiatives in efforts to advance the democracy and expand the democratic participation and to protect human rights in Mongolia.

Out of ten projects, two projects carried out by Transparency International-Mongolia and Silk Road Foundation were dedicated to advance the democracy, whereas the rest of projects carried out by MONFEMNET national network, National Center against Violence, Darkhan-Uul Branch organization of National Center against Violence, Princess Center, LGBT Center, Tsaglashgui Medleg, Maral-Elch Foundation and Mongolian National Federation of the Blind were dedicated to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Furthermore, the CFLI Mongolia had eight and two projects carried out in urban and rural areas, respectively. Total number of 12,752 people was directly benefited from all ten projects; however it is estimated that approximately 20,000 people were indirectly reached as reported.

Three projects out of ten targeted women and girls this year and other projects however designed to reach the public; they also ensured major participation of women during the delivery of the project.

The CFLI Mongolia carried out the project closure workshop concluding the project achievements and lessons learned for all project recipients on March 13, 2015 and all recipients were very pleased with the performance of CFLI program this year.


About us

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The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) program is a small grants program that the Government of Canada operates in over one hundred developing countries around the world. Mongolia’s Canada Fund program was initiated in April 1997 after Mongolia’s addition to the eligibility list for Canadian development assistance. Canada’s Senate Speaker Gildas Molgat officially announced the start of Canadian aid to Mongolia when he visited Ulaanbaatar in March/April 1997. Ambassador Howard Balloch, on his visit to Mongolia in February 1998, signed an official Exchange of Letters with Mongolia’s External Relations Minister Altangerel, confirming the nature of development cooperation between Canada and Mongolia. The budget for the Mongolia CFLI in 1997/1998 was later set at $150,000. Since then the budget has grown from $150,000.00 to $800,000.00 CDN per annum. Since its inception, the Canada Fund in Mongolia has supported over 370 small-scale projects, predominantly in poor areas of rural Mongolia.  In Mongolia, the Canada Fund seeks to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged groups and communities, particularly those in rural areas. Day-to-day administration is taken by the Canada Fund Co-ordinator and the Canadian Mission (Canadian Embassy in Mongolia) remains responsible for all Canada Fund projects.